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1.     Corporate Histories: We help organizations and businesses gain new clients, customers, or donors and honor current ones by writing and producing heirloom-quality books that chronicle their history and evolution and preserve their legacy. Documenting and celebrating a business or organization’s heritage and culture provides many benefits for that entity. It can enhance the entity’s reputation within the community while unifying and instilling pride in staff, members, donors or associates. It is a way to pay tribute to milestones such as anniversaries or accomplishments, and carries the entity’s history forward to future generations. A written history shows customers of a business or members of an organization the successes achieved and the challenges that were overcome through the years, proving that the entity is one of endurance. We work closely with clients to bring the story of their business or organization to life in a meaningful way that will be cherished for generations. Visit our Portfolio to see an example Corporate History.

2.    Personal/Family Histories: We help individuals and families preserve their history for future generations by writing and publishing their life stories in heirloom-quality books. Every person has a story; every family is rich with them. Our family tales and the memories of our loved ones connect us to the past, tell us who we are and where we come from, and root us. How sad it is if, when a loved one dies, their stories die with them. That doesn’t have to happen! We excel in writing personal histories that read like novels. Working closely with clients, we bring their stories, or the stories of a family member, to life in a meaningful way that will be cherished for generations to come. Visit our Portfolio to see our example Personal/Family Histories.

3.     Ghostwriting: We help individuals & business people become authors & convey their message to an audience by writing their book while they take the credit. Many people want to share information or expertise through a book, but don’t have the time, skills, or desire to do the actual writing. We work closely with these clients to take what they have to say and express it on the page in a way that reflects their personality and voice. Visit out Portfolio to see one of our ghostwritten books.

4.     Business Case Studies: We help business professionals build their client or customer base & increase sales by writing compelling case studies of satisfied customers or clients. Case studies are a powerful marketing tool that can be used on multiple platforms, including blogs, websites,brochures, pamphlets, and more. They go a step beyond testimonials to add credibility to your business or organization and offer proof that you are up to the challenge of helping your customers or clients succeed or improve. Contact us to request case study samples.

5. Blog Posts & Marketing Copy: We help published writers attract more readers & help business professionals gain more customers, clients, sales, or donors by writing quality blog posts and marketing content unique to their brand. Our extensive and varied experience in the business world, results in a unique ability to understand the marketing material needs of companies, business owners, and organizations. We listen to your expectations for your project and/or business and bring your vision to life on the page. Contact us to request Blog Post and other Marketing Copy samples.

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