An Investment in Marketing: Further Your Cause by Telling Your Stories

If marketed correctly, a non-profit organization's written history can generate revenue. It is a valuable mechanism that transcends time and can be used as a donor acquisition piece. A written history should be thought of more as an investment in marketing than an expense.

In her book Stories That Sell, author Casey Hibbard explains that stories put "a face on the problem(s)" that charities and other non-profit organizations deal with, helping "readers establish an emotional connection to the issue." Hibbard goes on to list the ways in which non-profits and causes can leverage their stories. These include:

· Fundraising Appeals – An organization's story not only addresses an issue but also shows how the organization is helping to solve the problems attached to the issue by sharing both struggles and successes achieved.

· Grant Proposals – Stories of struggles that were overcome assure grantors that an organization is up to the task and that donated funds will contribute to a positive end result.

· Public Relations – Media seeks compelling stories. Sharing the story of an organization's evolution through a written history opens the door to exposure in news stories on television, radio, in magazines and newspapers, enabling the organization to bring their work and mission to the attention of the public and, thereby, attract new donors.

· Employee and Volunteer Orientation – An organization's stories can be used to teach members of the team its mission and values in a way that allows them to share the message with the public effectively.

· Web Site and Social Media – Stories pulled from a book-length written history can be shared on a website and on social media, piquing the interest of viewers. The book can also be offered for sale to the public through these venues and given away with ticket sales to events.

By leveraging their stories, non-profits make use of a powerful marketing tool that can go far in furthering a cause. People engage with stories on an emotional level that facts and statistics can't reach, drawing them to take action by donating or getting involved in other meaningful ways.

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