“I wanted to express to the two of you again how beautifully written the (personal history) manuscript was. It read like a novel, the transitions were magnificent, and it was stellar in every way. You did a fantastic job, and we're so pleased!” Tell Studios, Denver, CO

"Working with Ryan Archer was a great experience. He gave me one less thing to worry about while I opened my new business. He took the information we discussed about my company's services and mission and expressed it in a way that not only informs my potential clients about the hair loss and mastectomy products I offer, but also encourages them in their cancer recovery journey. Thanks, Ryan!" - Angela Prince-Addington, Hope Hair Solutions Lewisville, TX

"Ryan Archer listened carefully to our vision and our needs, then perfectly put our story to paper.  His very thorough questions and his patience as we worked toward our new branding were very much appreciated. We are pleased with his help in promoting our non-profit organization." Charla Rose, Founder of Power of the Pedal

“Thank-you for all you did to make my book a reality. It would never have happened without you.” Alex Reed, Author of Breakthrough 2 Balance


"Jennifer Archer offers the kind of industry-insider editing that can take a book from average to great. Her background as a multi-published author both in the areas of fiction and non-fiction give her insight, authenticity, and an ability to speak with authors that other editors don't possess. I highly recommend her services to any author in need of a detail-oriented and knowledgeable editor." Dee Burks, Bestselling Author, Moreno Valley Romance Series

“I could not be any more pleased with the way (the edit) turned out. You are incredibly talented and have been so easy to work with. I look forward to collaborating with you on many more projects in the future.”Bethany Claire, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I feel like I hit the editor jackpot with Jennifer Archer. Not only did she help me develop my stories into something I’m infinitely happier with, but she was also SO wonderful to work with. She alleviated so much of the stress that comes with editing a manuscript, and I am so grateful to her. Jennifer’s thoroughness and attention to detail are unparalleled, and I cannot recommend her editing services enough." -- C.R. Ellis, Author of Why Stars Chase the Sun

“Just when I thought I was ready to query (my) second book a second time, I paused. I knew I needed outside help, but I didn't trust anyone in my inner circle to give objective edits. Thankfully, Jennifer Archer was exactly the editor I needed. I emailed her my manuscript and held my breath. A couple of weeks later she sent a thorough developmental edit complete with specific strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement. She touched on problems I already suspected and pinpointed plot threads that need boosting. More than anything, I was grateful to realize how carefully she read my work and took subsequent time to cultivate a personal reply. I'm not sure what I expected, but Jennifer's attention to detail stood out to me as above and beyond.” - Jennie Miller, Author 

“I am very much encouraged by your kind remarks.” Margaret Wang, Client, Developmental Fiction Edit